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artistic blocks to dispose according to your desires

All photographs weigh less than 10 kilos. It is therefore not necessary to drill your wall

mounting system must be chosen depending to your wall material

do not hesitate to preview your compositions by simulating with paper or by placing the picture on the floor

avoid a direct contact to sun light

the photograph should ideally not exceed 2/3 of the size of the furniture it overhangs

# idea 1 :
Blocks in line

Blocks in line 1 compressor
Blocks in line 2 compressor
Blocks in line 3 compressor

# idea 2 :
Standing blocks

Standing blocks 1 compressor
Standing blocks 2 compressor
Standing blocks 3 compressor

# idea 3 :
Cubic blocks

Cubic blocks 1 compressor
Cubic blocks 2 compressor
Cubic blocks 3 compressor
Cubic blocks 4 compressor

# idea 4 :
Cloud blocks

Cloud blocks compressor
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