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Artist / Simon Vansteenwinckel

Burnout // Horion - Hozémont // 2013


Limited Edition // Numbered // 150 Copies


From 104,00€



Taken from the serie : "On The Hood". Big engines roaring under the hoods orned with golden eagles, white smoke charged with a smell of burned rubber, crowd applauding a burnout or a successful doughnut, polished chromes, leather jackets, skeleton heads, bandanas, salt and pepper moustaches, flashlights in sexy car wash area, all this in a hectic atmosphere of a rockabilly show, like in the era of « L’homme en Noir » with the Liege accent in bonus… "On the Hood" is a hymne of sixties America and everything it still represents today, but with the Belgian touch. This is a jaunt in the country of the King, for better or worse. This document has been realized throughout Belgium, during meetings of American cars collectors.

Simon Vansteenwinckel

Born in 1978 in Brussels, independent photographer, in love with the grain of analogic film, graphist on its labor times, amator of long course reports and open air documentary films, open to adventure, closed on week-end and bank holidays.
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