Pictos blocks


a strong impact for your photograph

high-end finishing for more brightness

picture is placed between two layers of plexiglas

high-end workmanship for a result widely used in galleries and art exhibitions

enhanced contrast and saturation

low lights enhanced

protected from scratches and dust

a better longevity

Labs plexi

aluminium dibond

most commonly used in art exhibitions

fine and elegant finishing

light and rigid layer material

2 fine aluminium layers with polyethylene foam inbetween

anti uv protection film

Labs dibond

aluminium frame

a classic

black frame

highlight your artistic photograph

professional workmanship

a large choice of formats

choose the best size
Cloud blocks bycicle
Pictos labo

brussels photo lab

experts who get the best for each print
Made in
Pictos bxl

we collaborate with a lab from brussels that provides prestigious exhibitions. its experience and the professionalism of its team allow us to get the best from each photograph

the pictures are printed by a digital imager on real photographic paper exposed to rvb laser. this process combines traditional know-how with modern numerical technics to guarantee high quality and longevity. it is a reference in the field of artistic photography.

Secure payment
Pictos lock
Mastercard, Visa, Bancontact
Tailor-made packaging
Protected photograph
Free delivery within 15 days

(in France and Belgium)

Other Countries

Pictos livraison
Possible exchange and resend within 15 days
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