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Artiste / Anouck Everaere

Invitation // // 2016

modern EDITION

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« Mappemonde » series - My work is an enchanting exploration of the link between the human body and the place we live. Where are the borders? Where are the limits? By questioning the relation between the territory and the body, I have the feeling to ask a question I am obsessed about: where are you from? I don’t get any answers but other questions: my place of birth? Which place did I stay the longest? The city of my parents? We all feel our roots in a personal way. Appropriating his/her own history is a complex question I am fascinated about.

Anouck Everaere

Young photographer graduated from the Bloo School of Photography in 2016, Anouck Everaere is a contemporary artist whose inspiration comes from the new documentary photography forms. After multidisciplinary studies at the Fine Arts School of Montpellier in France, she was initiated to the old process photography by Dominique Sudre at the Magenta Atelier in Lyon. Then, she followed the class of Gilles Verneret at the Bloo School of Photography where she got a photography bachelor in 2016. Today, Anouck Everaere works with a color medium format « Mamiya 645 » and is really into argentic photography. She takes inspiration from visual artists such as Ed Rusha, Bruce Nauman, Bill Viola or photographers like Harry Gruyaert or Gregory Crewdson. The question of territory and roots, in particular the way we live in a familiar place or in a totally unknown place, is clearly at the heart of her work. After two solo-exhibitions, “Les Yeux pour Voir” about mental illness and “La Permanence des Passants” about loneliness, Anouck Everaere now questions the self-representation with her series based on masks made of geographic maps.
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Seven In The Evening

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Amour Programmé

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Venus’ Gardens IV

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La Différence

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