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Artiste / Luisa Aguiar

Solitaire // Niedersachsen, Germany // 2017

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Lonely trees are a constant in my photographic compositions. The idea is to convey simplicity and often a state of soul. Lending more dynamic tones to the image through the accentuation of colors, reflects my eagerness to turn loneliness into a beautiful and hopeful thing.

Luisa Aguiar

Luisa Aguiar is a freelance photographer based in Brunswick, Germany. She was born in Luanda, Angola and traveled and lived in many parts of the world throughout her growth - in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. The fact of having lived among diverse cultures, climates and experienced diverse economic situations, gave to her character a fast adaptability to face the unexpected and the adversities with more facility. A wide range of knowledge, great sensitivity, and an open and creative mind are some of the traits of her character. That’s why it is no wonder that, after a steady career as a real estate agent, the 2008 real estate crisis had made she changed the course of life, shut down the business and, once again, changed country. She traveled to Germany and decided to stay, changing the quiet and idyllic life of the Azores where she previously lived, for the uncertainty of the future and acclimatization. Because of the multiple hours of leisure, the desire to photograph was intensified and she began to be more attentive to details, to notice the shapes and textures of each object or landscape during the long walks outdoors. “My growth as a photographer has been through various life experiences and, mainly, through the daily practice of walking and photographing.” She improved and learned some techniques through research, perseverance and her passion for photography and for all that is beautiful. And how it's through photography that she keeps in touch with beauty, for in photography, everything can be interpreted as beautiful. "One of the things that compel me to photograph is the desire to notice the singular details." So she created her own style that is based on simplicity. She zeroes in on details such as the simplicity of a line, which separates the horizon from the pasture and seems to move with the landscape. "Everything that is excessively filled up bores me. I privilege simplicity." Though it's increasingly difficult to keep in daily contact with nature in its purest and wildest form (we aren't all lucky enough to have regular access to Patagonia or the American West), Luisa leans in to the details of her compositions to capture the essence of the wild. It may be a scene photographed hundreds of times. But the dialogue between photographer and subject is always changing — sometimes by natural forces such as the wind and rain, sometimes by more intangible ones, such as time and perspective. "Shooting is a form of dialogue between the photographer and the photographed subject."
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