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Artiste / Alexis Clerc

We Are Open // Hamamatsu, Japan // 2015

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We Are Open

From the serie “Japanese California”

Alexis Clerc

"I am an amateur photographer from France, originally from the Paris suburb. Humble beginnings, I started taking photos after my father gave me his old film camera, a Nikon F. Photography only really became a passion years later, when a girlfriend showed me the work of Martin Parr and his series The Last Resort. My taste for travel and my job as a designer led me to live in different parts of the world. After a year in San Francisco, a few months in Moscow, an extensive chunk of life in London, and a couple of years spent in Japan, I finally came back to France and set base in Paris. I find it difficult to tell I work with a particular approach because I am opportunistic and behave much like a tourist, carrying a camera almost everywhere, and snapping whatever I find interesting. However I like to borrow from different approaches, from photojournalism or documentary photography, to still life or landscape photography. I take photos because I have a visual memory and because photography helps me challenging the way I see the world. Walking around and taking pictures is a good way to make sense of where I live. I also like to see photography as the opposite process to writing. With text, you can write a narrative and help your reader picturing it by describing appearances with words. With photography, you create appearances that enable viewers to create their own narrative."
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