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Kunstenaar / Andrea Roversi

Dauðalogn #1 // Iceland // 2013

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Dauðalogn #1

I am rather looking for something invisible, something that reveals itself only in a specific frame. Something that is almost unreal, something absolutely ephemeral that lives in an infinitely short moment. The stories I tell are not real, they are my stories. I describe my understanding of places and people. I describe what I feel during certain moments, it is a sort of story in the story: my pictures contain my story other than the stories of the places and the people depicted therein. From my serie Andvari , an Icelandic word to say breeze, a personal project that investigates the family relationships of each of us. The tree, with its strong roots, as a symbol of belonging, forests as a community. This picture was taken in Brasov, Romania.

Andrea Roversi

Andrea Roversi (1983) est un photographe indépendant basé à Rome en Italie. Après ses études à la Scuola Romana di Fotografia de Rome, il reçut en 2013 une mention spéciale du jury du Fotografia Festival pour son travail Once Upon a Time. Son projet Dauðalogn sur la vie rurale en Islande fut quant à lui présenté à Slideluck Naples, à Slideluck Tokyo en 2016 et publié par Pagina99, Io Donna, DRepubblica, TerraMater ainsi que dans différents webzines. Le projet a reçu divers prix internationaux.
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