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Kunstenaar / Simon Vansteenwinckel

Sexy Car Wash // Tournai // 2013


Beperkte editie // Genummerd // 150 exemplaren


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Sexy Car Wash

Taken from the serie : "On The Hood". Big engines roaring under the hoods orned with golden eagles, white smoke charged with a smell of burned rubber, crowd applauding a burnout or a successful doughnut, polished chromes, leather jackets, skeleton heads, bandanas, salt and pepper moustaches, flashlights in sexy car wash area, all this in a hectic atmosphere of a rockabilly show, like in the era of « L’homme en Noir » with the Liege accent in bonus… "On the Hood" is a hymne of sixties America and everything it still represents today, but with the Belgian touch. This is a jaunt in the country of the King, for better or worse. This document has been realized throughout Belgium, during meetings of American cars collectors.

Simon Vansteenwinckel

Né en 1978 à Bruxelles, photographe indépendant, amoureux du grain de film, graphiste à ses heures de labeur, amateur de reportage au long cours et autre documentaire au grand air, ouvert à l’Aventure, fermé le week-end et jours fériés.
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Andvari #2

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Untitled #04

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Deliquescence Poetry #05

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Night Interior #1

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Bus Stop #03

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Aire de repos

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