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Kunstenaar / Antonio Schubert

Variations on Oblivion // Serra da Mantiqueira // 2015

modern EDITION

Beperkte editie // Genummerd // 250 exemplaren


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Variations on Oblivion

Photography is a selection of what will be visible and memorized and what will be invisible and forgotten. Therefore, memory and forgetfulness are intrinsically linked to the photographic act, which, dealing with recording and concealment, will always be an incomplete clipping of time. An immobilized piece of the past that allows for its partial and selective memory.

Antonio Schubert

"Brazilian, I live and work in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photography for me is contemplation. But despite a personality given to the observation of the attitudes and reactions of others in various everyday situations, I only started to photograph in 2008. I am interested in photography that has an affectionate eye over all things, whether it is the one that approaches the human being as an individual or as an element inserted in the landscape, which manifests itself as a pure concept, which is remembrance, amazement or insufficiency. But I can photograph jelly beans. The yellow ones, if I'm given the choice."
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