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Kunstenaar / Catherine Bailly-Cazenave

Wild West // California // 2018

modern EDITION

Beperkte editie // Genummerd // 250 exemplaren


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Wild West

Photographie issue de ma série « Palm Springs Mid Modern »

Catherine Bailly-Cazenave

Passionate about photography since she was a teenager, self-taught and curious, art in all its forms fascinates her. She study Art history at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris since few years. Catherine is also a tireless traveler. Her camera is her third eye -The eye of the soul- It accompanies her everywhere, every day, in the streets of Paris, Palm Springs or Abu Dhabi... Her playground of choice is the city and all its parts. She loves architecture and minimalist urban settings. She likes playing with the light, colors, lines and geometry.
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Gelbe Wand mit Rot

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Death Valley (Night 3)

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Rear Window #1

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Ce qu'il reste #19

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Deliquescence Poetry #03

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