Modern Blocks is a place that allows photographers to promote and sell their work. The terms of partnerships are different from traditional galleries to make the contemporary photography more accessible and allow a wider diffusion of photographers’ work. You will find hereunder the main characteristic of Modern Blocks partnerships.

Visibility and Promotion

Modern Blocks handles the online publication and exhibition of your photographs. We also promote them by means of communication campaigns, events and partnerships. The objective is not only to sell but also allow you to self-promote your work and talk about you, your series, your pictures and artistic statement. Some information will therefore be requested for the selected pictures and will be displayed next to your photographs online. You will also have the possibility to easily share your online galleries on social networks.

Size, mounting and print

The choice of the mounting and size is let to the buyer. 3 different mounting (Plexiglas, aluminium Dibond and aluminium frame) and 5 sizes (from 20x30cm to 80x120cm) will be available. Some pieces of art won’t adapt to this approach. That’s why you will be able to notice the « artistic constraints » that you want to respect.

Modern Blocks collaborates with well-known photo labs that are used to work for museums and art galleries.

Limited edition

Photographs will be limited to 250 prints maximum, all size and finishing options taken in consideration. This logic is different from traditional galleries but is necessary to make the contemporary photography more accessible while offering photographers a good remuneration. The limit of 250 prints allows to avoid the « poster » effect and guarantee the exclusivity of the picture and the full respect of the creation.

Price and remuneration

The prices are fixed by Modern Blocks with a minimum of 90€ (incl. VAT). This minimum must be considered as an « attractive introductory price » for smaller sizes. Modern Blocks does not want to devaluate artistic work in any case by breaking down the prices. Pictures are sold with an average price around 300 euros and the photographer is rewarded of minimum 15% of commission of final customer price excluding taxes. In other words you are also rewarded on the sale of the workmanship. The costs of production, promotion, expedition… are fully on the charge of Modern Blocks.

As an example, if 250 prints of your picture are sold in average price of 300 euros, you will receive 9297 euros.

A selling statement will be sent to you every month.

The number of prints and the commissions are surely different than traditional galleries but the target of Modern Blocks is to propose similar level of remuneration.

Copyrights on photograph and legislation

By exhibiting on Modern Blocks and in order to preserve the integrity of your work, you will of course keep the property of the moral copyrights that you have on your picture. However, the exploitation rights will have to be assigned to Modern Blocks to allow representation, communication, the print on mounting support and the distribution of the photographs. For the sake of exclusivity, the photographs will be printed and sold by Modern Blocks only but you keep the possibility to show your photographs in order to promote them.

For selected pictures, a few verifications will be made in order to insure that the personal image rights and intellectual property rights are fully respected.

Filing of the photographs and exhibition on the website

The property rights above-mentioned are assigned for a limited time outcome. Then, you will have the possibility to recover your rights on your photograph. In order to keep a coherent artistic direction, to offer diversity and handle the limited prints, Modern Blocks cannot undertake to exhibit the pictures during the full period. Only a few months of exhibition will be insured contractually.


If you are interested in our concept, the first step is to submit your selection of pictures you would like to exhibit (15 maximum). At this step, you do not transfer any right authorizing the exploitation of your photographs and Modern Blocks undertakes not to exhibit or sell any of your pictures. Our curators will carefully check and select your proposal that could match with our artistic direction orientation. If one of your pictures is selected, we will contact you and you will receive an email with a link that allows you to give more information and validate the contractual relation.

Please, note that only the following kinds of files can be submitted: RVB, CMJN, Tif, Tiff, JPEG and PNG (max 400 MB). Given the sizes possibilities offered to the buyer (20x30, 60x90…), submitted photographs have to be in a 2/3 scale. Please, indicate a title for each photograph.

You can send us your photographs directly via the website interface or at We remain available for any further information you may need.

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